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Main Page For Newbies!!

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This Page contains some of my knowledge! If you have questions not answered here don't hesitate-Mail Me!. I live for the little Red Light!

Basic Layout!

name that goes in title bar</TITLE>
All JavaScript and Meta Tags</HEAD>
Webtv Only
<BODY bgcolor=""text=""link=""vlink=""alink=""backgroun d=""transition="""hideoptions">
All other Text & links goes here; for Example
<a href="url><img src="gif"size=""width="></a>
Clickable Picture!
<embed src="midi"autostart="true"loop="1">
Sound OnLoad!

<font color=""size="1">
changes text color and size


<font color="red" size="+3">

Here is how to move .gif
<img src="hound.gif"width="75"height="80"align="right" >

you can center like so
<center><img src="hound"></center>

gives you this line

<hr width="200"size="5">
gives a fatter & shorter line

Cool code to make gif move when you mouseover
<a href="url"><img src="gif" animateonselec><[/a>
Click Felix
How to make Tables!
<table bgcolor=coral border=5><tr><td align=center>

To make a Table With Clickable Links!
<table bgcolor="?"border="5"><t><td align=center><a href="url">TEXT</a></td></t><tr><td align=center><a href="url">TEXT2</a></td></tr></table>
Free GIF1
Free GIF2

is used to stop a line and start another one to cause a break

 insert a paragrph break use<P>


Special Thanks!
Special Thanks!
To All Below.