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Cut & Paste...

    1- put cursor over the box below...
    2- click space bar on your keyboard
    3- Hold "cmd" key down on your keyboard
    4- while holding "cmd" key use other finger to click "a" button on keyboard..all text will highlight!
    5-hold "cmd" key while using another finger to click "c" key on will hear a tone from webtv.

    6- Now move curser to second box below that is empty label "Paste Here"
    7- Hold "cmd" key while using another finger to hit "v" key..& magic happens the text has moved from the top box to the second...
    Congratulations you have just learned how to Cut & Paste!!!

put cursor in box hold "cmd" and hit "a"



Paste Here "cmd" "v"

"cmd" "x" will erase all text but leave you a copy on the clipboard...meaning "cmd" "v" will restore the deleted text

You may also hold the "shift" key down while moving the arrows on keyboard this will highlight small areas of text at a time.




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